Here's what pastors have to say about the Leporaccis' ministry...

"I have known Jacob and May Leporacci for several years.  They are a spiritual and gifted young couple.  They possess a servant's heart and truly desire to be a help and blessing to pastors and local churches.  I have never known their music to be anything but a blessing and you can trust them to minister to your people.  If I were a Senior Pastor, I would schedule them today!"

Charles T. Shoemaker


Church Planting America


"I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing the Leporaccis for many years, and I am grateful to have had them in my church, training and communicating with my people helping to develop their music skills and their understanding of true Biblical worship.  Through leading seminars, choir rehearsals, one-on-one lessons, and Bible-based music philosophy, they helped to encourage our church to worship God through music.  Their time with us was impactive and still talked about by our people!  God has uniquely gifted them both not only in the mechanical, technical, and practical areas of music, but also in communicating the true meaning of music and worship to our Lord.  With no reservation, I could recommend the Leporaccis to any pastor, to any church, and to any people seeking to Biblically enhance their music skills and their worship practice to Almighty God."

Pastor Dan Shafer

All Nations Baptist Church

New York, NY


"We have been privileged on several occasions to have had Jacob and Maylynn Leporacci minister to

us at freedom Baptist Church in Keystone Heights, Florida. They have blessed us at times with a special program of music and have also filled in several Sundays as worship leader. They bring a freshness and enthusiasm to our worship that our people dearly love. They are both very talented and professionally trained, but one of the things we appreciate most about them is their kind, loving spirit. It is very evident that they love the Lord and love God’s people, the church. They are careful in their preparation that their program will always be appropriate and pleasing not only to the Lord, but also to the pastor and his people. We recommend them to you with the highest confidence, knowing that they will be a blessing to you as they are to us.

Pastor Ken Herring

Freedom Baptist Church

Keystone Heights, FL