Lesson Materials

All students are required to have a composition notebook at each lesson. This will be used to record lesson assignments and to communicate with parents about weekly progress.

All voice students should also plan to have an audio recording device at each lesson.


Home Instrument

A quality piano or keyboard must be available for practicing.  The learning environment must be free of distractions and the piano should be kept free of clutter.  Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least once a year. Keyboards should be equipped with a sustain pedal and  touch-sensitive keys.

Parent Participation
Young students will need the assistance of a parent to organize successful practice sessions at home. Younger students cannot be expected to practice on their own. It will require your full participation in order to make this learning process successful. It is your money, make sure it is used wisely! Parents are welcome to attend and quietly observe all lessons.  Parents may be asked not to observe if their presence alters the quality of the lesson.

Communication With Teacher

Open communication is encouraged between parent and teacher.  Consultations immediately before or after lessons are limited due to back-to-back scheduling. Parents with any concerns or questions should e-mail the Leporaccis at leporaccimusic.com at any time or call to arrange a phone conference.

Practice Requirement

Success in learning music is directly related to the priority, consistency, and concentration put on practice.  This experience can be “fun,” but only when the student can play or sing comfortably as a result of conscientious practice.  Private lessons will be most beneficial if the student is willing to be disciplined with his time.  Therefore, students are required to practice a minimum of five days per week and meet the minimum practice requirement as determined by the teacher.  Consistent failure to meet the practice requirement will result in termination of lessons.