When to start taking lessons…

We recommend that students who wish to study piano begin taking lessons between ages 6-7 or in the first grade. If the child can understand and write the alphabet and can count, he is ready to study piano. On the other hand, one is never too old to start taking lessons!

Voice students are encouraged to start taking lessons between the ages of 10 and 12, though we do have several vocal students who are younger. Vocal development can vary greatly from person to person, which is why we encourage a consultation lesson before beginning private study. We further encourage male students who are serious about singing to continue to vocalize through the voice change, and it is extremely important that you have an experienced teacher to help guide you through this process. Again, no one is ever too old to start on their own vocal journey.


After three or four years of piano study the student is introduced to classical styles which require new technical skills.  Scales and exercises are used to increase dexterity and agility.  Music theory, music history, and other resources are used to enhance the music-making experience.  Students are encouraged to explore personal interests such as improvisation, church music, and popular styles.  Music is used that inspires the student to practice.  The objective in each lesson is to creatively equip the student with the means to reach practice and performance goals.


More challenging levels of technique, scales,  and other exercises are used to further enhance a student’s music making and expressive capabilities.  Standard classical recital and contest repertoire is used to increase the student’s expressive communication and technical prowess.  Further exploration of personal musical interests is encouraged.  Composers and their music are discussed and analyzed.  Students are inspired to perform at their best.  Advanced students are encouraged to participate in festivals and contests.