Missed Lessons

You are guaranteed a weekly block of time for private instruction.  Lessons cancelled by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson may be rescheduled on a space-available basis.  If no advanced notice is received, that week’s lesson is forfeited.  Emergencies will be rescheduled at the teacher’s convenience.  A student is allowed only one rescheduled lesson per semester. No refunds are given for missed lessons. One week at the end of each semester is reserved for make-up lessons.


Teacher Absences

If the teacher is unable to teach a lesson due to sickness, emergency or professional obligation, advanced notification will be given and the lesson will be rescheduled or taught via FaceTime.


Lesson Termination/Suspension

One-month advanced written notice must be given if the student wishes to discontinue lessons.  The student may choose not to attend the final month of lessons, but must pay for the final month nonetheless. Students may be asked to discontinue lessons at the end of any month if they are consistently unprepared for lessons.  Lessons may also be terminated at the end of any semester for consistent unpaid or late payment of monthly fees. Students and their parents will be notified in writing if they are to be put on suspension or if lessons will be not be offered the following semester.  Lesson contracts are issued at the beginning of each semester. No refunds are given for students who made tuition payments in full at the beginning of the semester.


Music Purchases, Recital Fees, and Accompanist Fees

Monthly lesson fees do not include books and materials or other fees. These items will be purchased directly from the teacher.  Typically, books are needed every 2-3 months, depending on the advancement of each student. Lessons will not be given to students with outstanding balances for materials. A recital fee is assessed in May to cover the cost of recital materials and accompanist fees.